Kalau Menulis Resume (You Can't Believe They Actually Wrote This)

1. The Most Epic Reason of Leaving the Company :
a) "Was under a two months contract, and upon the expiry of the contract, it was not extended. Therefore I left." 
b) "They wanted employees to leave by always finding faults in the task carried out"
c) "I left because of a hostile environment where the clerk started whirling his hand at me and punching and kicking the lift."

2. The Most Creative Email Address :  
a) "putihreddish@" - sounds like cupcake with red velvet ~
b) "lordsufian@" - must be Lord of The Rings die hard fan !
c) "cayunk_ayunk@" - she is overloaded with romantic-ness and loving-ness

3. The Most Honest Information : 
a) "Height: 159cm, Weight: 100kg" - You don't have to mention everything in your resume :-)
b) "Willing To Relocate : Yes only if to Europe, Australia, or Canada" - Then, what are you doing here in Malaysia?
c) "Preferred working days : Does not matter to me (any day will do)" - OK noted. Please come to work everyday.

My dear, please develop your common sense. But never mind, you've just made my day ! Especially with your duckface passport photo. Hahaha !